RICS Surveyor Knightsbridge

RICS Surveyor Knightsbridge – Local knowledge matters


Do you need a RICS surveyor in Knightsbridge? Being based in exclusive Knightsbridge itself, we have a unique knowledge of the area and a deep insight into the beautiful properties within it.

It matters when professional surveyors need to meet a series of complex challenges on your behalf, in order to deliver the right level of value and accuracy. And it’s more important than ever when the smallest Knightsbridge property development, home or commercial premises costs an absolute fortune.

What we do for property owners and buyers like you

Contemporary land, property and infrastructure projects all require a high standard of professional development and management to create the best value for owners and investors. We manage complicated assets while meeting high professional and ethical standards. And that means you get a top quality service. We create value for our clients by reducing risks, managing costs and delivering good returns on investment.

Large properties, old properties and properties in poor condition

If you are dealing with a large, old or run down property, an unusual property or one that has been changed, we will help pin down the exact nature of the project and the risks and expenses involved. If you’re looking at major development works, a RICS building survey examines the structure of the property in fine detail to provide a comprehensive structural report covering any problems, plus advice about repairs and maintenance.

Exclusive Knightsbridge – What lies beneath?

The first mention of Knightsbridge dates back to the year 1050, when it was called Cnihtebricge. Like all of London the geology below is complex. It can affect the buildings built upon it, as can the network of tunnels beneath the city, some built for sewerage, others for the tube network, including a number of disused tunnels, and the long abandoned Mail Rail beneath.

There are disused WW11 bomb shelters under our streets, and between South Kensington and Knightsbridge the Piccadilly Line takes a detour to avoid plague pits where countless unfortunate Londoners were buried during the 1300s and 1400s. There’s a number of ancient rivers, once tributaries of the Thames, buried deep and built over but still running beneath the streets. And there have been a number dramatic basement developments in the city, some of which have been known to adversely affect nearby buildings.

All this and more lies beneath the properties we see in Knightsbridge today. And it’s the kind of thing you really should have evaluated before investing in, developing or selling a property here.We will do that for you, as well as examining and analysing the property itself from all sorts of vital viewpoints.

How we support development and investment excellence

We provide a suite of essential services to people planning to buy, sell, build, develop or invest in Knightsbridge properties.

  • Valuations
  • Leasehold extensions
  • Freehold purchases
  • Commercial property
  • Building Consultancy
  • Pre-purchase surveys

What a full survey involves

We recommend a full survey for :

  • Listed buildings
  • Those over 30 years old
  • Non-standard construction, both new and old
  • Properties to renovate
  • Properties with a lot of alterations

Our surveyors will look at:

  • Any defects and their potential impact
  • The cost of repairs
  • Damp, woodworm and rot
  • The condition of any damp-proofing
  • The state of the insulation
  • The drainage, although surveyors don’t test drains themselves
  • The construction and the materials used in it
  • The location
  • Recommendations for special inspections

Thanks to us you will be fully informed, aware of any risks, and confident you’re making the right decision. If you want a RICS surveyor with local expertise and knowledge, we will be delighted to oblige.